We engage with you about what is important to you. We have no agenda. In the introductory meetings, typically folks trust us with their financial documents (including tax returns*, legacy documents*, investment statements) as well as personal information. We try very hard to make you comfortable – we strive to form a relationship on your terms. 

However, we do have an idea of our ideal client. We also have ground rules that explain what our end of the relationship generally looks like.

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*No one within our company drafts legal documents. We do not actively solicit insurance. We do not prepare taxes. 


the ground rules

We do not invest like many other firms*. We believe that our way of investing has many advantages over ‘traditional’ investing. However, we want you to be both confident and satisfied. Therefore, we have laid out some rules for current clients and prospective clients.

*Please note: Client assets are held in global custodian banks, providing institutional safety as well as the security of third party portfolio and accounting. 

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investment process

As stated above, our process is very different from what you find at traditional financial firms. What does this mean? Generally, we focus on financials and corporate governance. We like companies/managers that are smart, energetic, and ethical

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When we invest in corporations, typically we like a very hands off approach, involving letting current management maintain course. 

Occasionally, there will be opportunities to unlock further value by stepping in and providing assistance in managing our portfolio companies. 

There may also be arbitrage opportunities, and in such risk-free situations we may use leverage.

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