At Costco today, I spent $350. It felt like I bought the whole store. For my entire life, I have lived on shoestrings. That’s my greatest strength. When I spend money it matters more. That could be my spin. 

I grew up from nothing, so when I spend money, it isn’t flippant. And the same with people. I never had anything anyone envied, so people never gave me respect, so I was forced to work harder to find people that liked me for me. I never had the privilege of vacations, community events, birthday parties, or even friends because I was so psychologically exhausted as a child. I grew up too quick and had to develop on my own, with my family getting in my way and cutting me down rather than being a source of strength and love. That trend continues today. 

Most people accept life the way it is – if they are poor and want to be rich, they may give up and accept poverty early or maybe live beyond their means without a strategy of obtaining the things they want. If they are rich, all they have to do is not fuck it up. 

It takes a gargantuan effort to both want more for your future family from a young age, and have the strategy/discipline/strength to achieve it. That person knows the value of wealth so much more. To just sit around on wealth is really not hard. It shocks me that wealthy people pay other people to just sit around and do nothing versus paying people that know the value of wealth. People call me aggressive, but why shouldn’t you be aggressive about protecting your wealth. In my opinion, if you grow wealth more, you protect principal more than if you leave it stagnant. Who would argue that?

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